EVENT | Human Rights and Grand Corruption: What Role for International Law?

03 Dec 2018   |   Press Release
                      Monday, December 3, 2018 3:00 - 5:00 pm   Inter-American Dialogue 1155 15th St NW Suite 800 Washington, DC 20005   RSVP   *Livestream available*   Rec... More

EVENT | Search models for disappeared persons in Latin America: lessons learned and challenges

28 Nov 2018   |   News
              The Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF), the Transitional Justice Observatory at Diego Portales University, Chile, and the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University, Northern Ireland, with the support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation and Open Society Foundations   Wednesday, D... More

International organizations express their concern regarding the consequences of a possible decision that validates the constitutionality of the concept of "internal security" in Mexico

01 Nov 2018   |   Press Release
The organizations that make up the International Observatory on Mexico expressed their concern regarding the recently-published draft resolution by the Mexican Supreme Court on the issue, which finds that some articles of the law are unconstitutional, but also concludes that the concept of “internal security” is valid in Mexico. In this... More

El Salvador Truth Commission Archives and the Jesuits Case

31 Oct 2018   |   News
Just days before the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Jesuit massacre case, a new development provides hope for justice for the six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter, murdered by the Salvadoran military in San Salvador in 1989. Their murders in the early hours of November 16, 1989, at the priests’ residence on the Central Ame... More

The El Mozote massacre trial: the decades-long search for justice in El Salvador continues

16 Oct 2018   |   Press Release
[October 16, 2018] This month marks two years since a judge in El Salvador re-opened the criminal investigation into the El Mozote massacre, one of the worst atrocities in modern Latin American history. Over the course of several days in December 1981, the US-trained Atlacatl battalion of the Salvadoran army murdered, tortured, and committed other... More

CONABÚSQUEDA begins its work responding to society and families searching for their loved ones

14 Sep 2018   |   Press Release
On September 14, 2018, the National Commission for the Search of Persons Disappeared during the armed conflict in El Salvador (CONABÚSQUEDA) held a solemn ceremony for the inauguration of its official headquarters and the start of its work. CONABÚSQUEDA was created through Executive Decree No. 33 on August 21, 2017. Its mission is to... More

Infographic summarizes and systematizes Advisory Opinion on the environment and human rights of the Inter-American Court

12 Sep 2018   |   Press Release
Today, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF), UNAM’s Observatory of the Inter-American System of Human Rights, the Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA), and the Institute for Constitutional Studies of the State of Querétaro presented an infographic that summarizes Advis... More

Organizations reject attacks against CICIG and demand respect for the rule of law and judicial independence in Guatemala

06 Sep 2018   |   Press Release
The Americas, September 6, 2018.- On September 4, it was made public that the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, had decided to prohibit Commissioner Iván Velásquez Gómez from entering the country. This was in accordance with a recommendation of the National Security Council, which indicated that the head of the International Commission agai... More