DPLF Statement on recent developments in the Human Rights community related to a safe professional environment

May 8, 2019

As an organization committed to promoting respect for all human rights, the Board of Directors and staff of Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) unequivocally support women’s rights and the right to an environment free of sexual and gender-based harassment. We promote this in our own workplace and for our colleagues throughout the region. As a women-led organization with a majority female staff, this issue is of particular importance to us, and DPLF is dedicated to providing a collegial work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.  

We value the contributions made by countless women to the global human rights movement, and especially in Latin America where we work. We also recognize that women continue to face subtle and overt sexual harassment and discrimination in society and even in our own movement. When this scourge invades our workplaces and community, we are all responsible for standing with those affected and ensuring their wellbeing and safety.  

Given the recent revelations made public through the #MeTooActivistasMexico movement, we emphatically affirm that the values of our organization radically oppose all forms of gender-based discrimination and harassment. DPLF will not tolerate, and condemns, any inappropriate conduct by any person associated with our organization. 

We thank the women who have come forward for their courage and conviction, and reaffirm their and all women’s rights to live and work free of all discrimination and harassment.


DPLF Board of Directors and Staff

May 8, 2019