EVENT | Rule of Law in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities in the Time of AMLO

17 Jul 2019



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In the past decade, Mexico has transitioned to an adversarial criminal justice system as an important step towards improving criminal investigations and strengthening the rule of law. A crucial element to this process was the creation of Mexico's new independent National Prosecutor's Office, whose first head, Alejandro Gertz Manero, was named in January 2019. Given that an estimated 93 percent of crimes in Mexico are not reported or investigated, fully implementing the criminal justice reforms and the National Prosecutor's Office will be central to Mexico's fight against impunity.

A year after Mexico's July 2018 election, where fighting corruption and strengthening the rule of law were primary issues for the electorate, please join us for a discussion with a panel of experts to take stock on what has been accomplished and the challenges ahead. 

Welcome and Introduction

Eric L. Olson
Global Fellow, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center


Mariclaire Acosta
Human Rights Expert; 2018 President of the National Anticorruption System

Ana Lorena Delgadillo
Executive Director, Fundación para la Justicia y el Estado Democrático de Derecho; Member of #FiscaliaQueSirva

Ursula Indacochea
Director, Judicial Independence Program, Due Process of Law Foundation


Maureen Meyer
Director for Mexico and Migrant Rights, Washington Office on Latin America