Extractives and National Action Plans (NAPs) on Business and Human Rights

12 Dec 2017

This report, titled Extractives and National Action Plans (NAPs) on Business and Human Rights, is offered as a tool for States and other stakeholders to evaluate the human rights impact of potential and ongoing extractive projects in the framework of National Action Plans (NAPs) on business and human rights. 

This report provides guidance on how human rights issues related to the extractive sector can be addressed in NAPs on business and human rights, as well as other similar policies. This guide is intended for use by both States with large amounts of oil, gas, and mineral wealth and extraction (host States) and States where multinational extractive companies are domiciled or registered (home States).

While it is beyond the scope of this publication to present an in-depth analysis of all of the human rights implications of extractive projects, this guidance aims to provide a set of practical tools through which States, in conjunction with civil society and other relevant actors, can explore these specific challenges. Through the NAP checklist and NBA template, States can analyze existing legal frameworks and policy responses, and propose new laws, policies, and practices that respond specifically to the human rights risks presented by the extractive industry. 

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