Recommendations for the Biden Administration’s “Root Causes Strategy” for Central America: US priorities to promote the rule of law and combat corruption

07 Jun 2021

In the context of President Biden’s focus on addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, and the ongoing rule of law and corruption crises in that region, DPLF presented a briefing document with recommendations for the Administration’s consideration as it further develops its “Root Causes Strategy” for Central America. DPLF believes that centering anti-corruption efforts on the victims of corruption should be a cross-cutting priority. This document presents both regional and country-specific elements that should be carefully considered to ensure real and long-lasting progress in strengthening the rule of law and human rights in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These include supporting independent judges and prosecutors; ensuring citizen participation in oversight initiatives and selection processes for high-level justice sector officials; and promoting implementation of the recommendations of MACCIH and CICIG, while pushing for a stronger CICIES mandate. Moreover, DPLF argues that the US should support initiatives to promote a human rights-based approach to anti-corruption efforts, including strengthening the role of civil society and victims in corruption investigations and prosecutions. 

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