Right to Prior Consultation

The right to prior consultation is fundamental to democracy and peaceful coexistence in Latin America.

In the last decade, the number and intensity of social conflicts has increased considerably, threatening democratic government and the stability of various countries of the continent in certain moments. Although the causes of these conflicts vary, a significant portion of them – and probably the most notorious – are associated with the extraction of natural resources and the construction of infrastructure projects.

Many of these activities are carried out in territories ancestrally enhabited by indigenous peoples and, for this reason, any possible affectation should take into account international judicial standards that establish certain limits and conditions on these activities. An important element of this standard is the respect for the right to free, prior, and informed consultation, as well as consent in those cases established by law.

DPLF promotes the full implementation of the right to consultation of indigenous peoples and collaborates on identifying the major challenges and obstacles to a full respect of this right.


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