The IAHRS is celebrated for entrenching the respect for human rights in the region.  The historical role played by the IACHR during the time of dictatorships and internal armed conflicts that buffeted Latin America in past decades, as well as its role in the transition to democracy processes, has received global recognition.. The system’s jurisprudence established new and far reaching international standards for human rights protection and democratic institutionalization in the region. The cases, thematic hearings, precautionary measures and publication of thematic reports, to cite some of the mechanisms of the IAHRS, have contributed significantly to the fight against impunity and the transition to democracy in the region.    

The system has recently faced a reform process that presented important challenges for all IAHRS stakeholders, including the Member States. DPLF has monitored the  debates on reform from the beginning and has, in coordination with other organizations, participated in this process by means of general monitoring, advocacy and the contribution of rigorous analyses of the different issues under discussion.    

On our Justicia en las Américas blog you will find information and analysis on the main debates and developments related to this reform process, as well as on issues related to the promotion of the rule of law and respect for  human rights in Latin America. Visit our blog here.