Transparency and Judicial Corruption

Transparency is a fundamental component of judicial independence: we can only assure this independence if we have relevant information about the judiciary and its performance.

Unfortunately,  Latin American judiciaries continue to be closed, opaque institutions. The lack of relevant information as to their functioning leaves too much room for arbitrary decisions, allowing for influence peddling and corruption which damages the little confidence citizens may still have in the judiciary.

DPLF is convinced of the need for proactive judiciaries that publish their decisions and offer information about their internal management. Relevant financial data such as budgets, contracts, and salaries for every officer must be available to the public, as well as information regarding human resource management – primarily in areas vulnerable to arbitrary decisions, such as in the appointment, promotion, and discipline of judges. Moreover, it is advisable that all judges and judicial officials are required to provide certified financial records with regularity.


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